The four-day 2015 Chongqing (international) expo is coming to an end. The "Mountain city" Chongqing, TEDERIC with its own distinctive machine equipment to display the style of TEDERIC.Like Shouting in the mountain, from the hollow.No, this is not hollow, It's Chongqin.

Come on, As we scream, Let's fell the dream of TEDERIC.

The first one--quick

D350/M1100, The special injection molding machine for snack box, which is improved, and it has repaid production efficiency. For the machine one time can produce four 1000ml circular snack boxes, It's overall dimension can reach 3.89 s, and running stability.

The second--shine

DH850/i7100 two platen injection moulding machine, using the lasted plasticizing equipment, At the same time of increasing production efficiency, to reduce energy consumption. The scene equips the vertical shaft type robot, special to show the production of the car's front grille.


The third--pretty

7T06 booth has 200 square meters, the booth structure is simple, and it shows the special style for TEDERIC. Don't need magnificent decoration and a gorgeous color. Under the embellishment of "TEDERIC blue", our company show "the most professional molding machine whole plan solver".


The fourth--fire

Hot is not just Chongqing hot pot. Our customer area has many visitors. We have our best enthusiasm to welcome our visitors.

The fifth--solidarity

The power of the team is stronger than everything. The youthful team from TEDERIC with their hard-working, to draw a feast for us.

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